Innotrik Audio Conferencing

INNOTRIK Audio Conferencing is one of the leading conference call solution provider. By cooperating with Canada, the United States and other countries, the Company has developed the echo cancellation algorithm software, making a major domestic technological breakthrough in echo cancellation algorithm. INNOTRIK is dedicated to provide conference call products and solutions across countries and regions around the globe and share with world citizens the convenient communication effects brought about by voice technology breakthrough. Founded in 2008 and formerly known as “INNOTRIK Technology R&D Team”, INNOTRIK Technology Co. Ltd. was officially registered when it succeeded in developing the core algorithm in 2010.

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Main feature of PSTN audio conferencing phones:

PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) is the most commonly used  telephone network. namely the telephone network which used in our daily life, including telephone, cellphone, personal handphone, etc ,such kinds of communication equipment. PSTN is a kind of global audio Communication circuit switched network, commercial PSTN and government-owned PSTN are both included.



AUCTOPUS-PSTN NON-EXPANDABLE,display audio conferencing phone

  • Ideal choice for small and medium sized meeting room teleconference
  • Excellent area coverage, microphone pickup range up to 3m,the conference phone can provide remarkable high quality audio for 20~60 square meter meeting rooms.

AUCTOPUS-PSTN EXPANDABLE ,display audio conferencing phone

  • Unbelievable audio quality, ideal choice for large meeting rooms.
  • Wish 2 expansion microphones, the microphone coverage can be increased to 40~90 square meter.


PSTN series audio conferencing phones include below three types for customers to choose:

AUCTOPUS-PSTN NON-EX, display—-LCD screen, no expansion microphone

AUCTOPUS-PSTN EX, display—-LCD screen,2 expansion microphones

AUCTOPUS-PSTN VTX, display—-LCD screen,2 expansion microphones,1 external loudspeaker


Features of PSTN series audio conferencing phones:

  1. Capacity:Industry-leading real full duplex, 256ms echo cancellation, intelligent microphone selection technology.
  2. Quality: 94V0 fire prevention materials for the shell and circuit board, 10 million times button lifetime, LCD backlight can be lightened for 50 thousands hours.
  3. Appearance: Beautiful and fashionable appearance, safe and durable design, improve the professional level of meeting room.
  4. Ease of use: The same installation method of ordinary standard telephone, easy to use, remain all the functions of ordinary conference phone.

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